the Fantastic world

The Fantastic World is actually a live action children’s entertainment franchise specializing in children’s programming, sunday school curriculum, and live shows. Produced by Brothers Young Productions, The Fantastic World is a mixture of Christian influenced ethical subjects and satirical pop tradition recommendations.

The Fantastic World was established by twin brothers Matthew and Jared Young, whom also star as the lead personas, Bill and Charles Peterson. Initially designed as a PBS children’s show pilot, the franchise released its first self-funded production, “Rules, Rules, Rules,” in the spring of 2008.

The Fantastic World DVDs can at the moment be bought in Lifeway Book shops or straight through Bridgestone Media Group. The Fantastic World introduction miniseries “Molly Pickens and The Rainy Castle” can be be seen on TBN’s Smile of a Child network or

Bill and Charles have five whole new “Adventures in Values” for everybody to enjoy! Religious beliefs include Gentleness, Kindness, Willpower, Forgiveness and Selflessness.

Adventures in Values is terrific church curriculum for those “in between times,” because the weeks can be presented independently. So if you have a week in between curriculum series or you just really want a escape from the convention, then check it out! Christian values include Forgiveness, Kindness, Gentleness, Selflessness and Persistency.
Join Bill, Charles in addition to the rest of the group in five all new Fantastic World adventures. Kids will chuckle along with every one’s popular brothers as they learn what it usually means to have serenity, concern, and courage. Youngsters will certainly also discover why it’s crucial to be truthful and persuade other people. The Fantastic world uses wit to make beneficial Bible lessons remarkable into present day media rich tradition. So don’t pass-up out and treat your kids to a little something they won’t soon forget about, A Fantastic World Adventure!
Adventures in Values is great church curriculum for those “in between times,” because the weeks can be presented independently. So if you have a week among curriculum series or you just want a split from the usual, then why not instruct the kids about serenity, or being sincere. The fantasticworld…Taking childrens church curriculum along with sunday shcool lessons to a whole new degree

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